Don’t Let The Slip Ups Keep You Down

Let’s face it, even the strictest dieters/fitness fiends among us can’t get through a diet/fitness regimen without a slip up here and there. I’ve been counting calories for over a year now and working out nearly as long and while most days I’m within my calorie goals every once in a while I have a cheat day that turns into a cheat weekend or slack off on going to the gym. Slip ups happen and it’s important to remember that they are going to happen, you just have to keep going afterward.

Photo Oct 12, 9 04 16 PM

This was a particularly good piece of inspiration for me, as I had given up so many times before. 

I’m someone who likes to keep things pretty regimented, I’m not good at playing things fast and loose and I acknowledge that. That means that starting a fitness/eating regimen for my weight loss wasn’t very tough for me, and I’m lucky to be like that. However, that also means that when I have slip ups I tend to be a little harder on myself. My excuse whenever I want to eat something I know is bad for me is “Well I hate myself so I’ll eat this pizza”. Now keep in mind, I don’t actually hate myself. In fact, I’m pretty narcissistically into myself at this point because my pride in my weight loss has turned into serious self-love. I think that really I just say I hate myself when I slip up because it gives me an excuse to break my routine.

When you look at my weight loss graph over the last year it’s a pretty steady decline, but there’s also a couple of peaks from my serious slip ups. Obviously some are predictable, around the holidays and other special occasions you’re going to overeat a little or just generally be less careful about what you’re eating. But there’s also some others from when I got lost for a bit, and let a slip up turn into a bad week or longer. Throughout the last year I’ve averaged to about a 1.5 pound loss each week even with my slip ups.

2016-07-19 13.45.59

This is my weight loss graph, as of 7/20/16 circled in red is my “Danielle spike” as described below. 

I have one big spike in my graph, around the beginning of August that I like to call my “Danielle spike” because it was when my friend Danielle was visiting and when I’m with her I tend to drink a lot of my calories. Love you Danielle, but you know it’s the truth. Plus at the time I didn’t have easy access to a gym, I was living in a house instead of an apartment complex with a fitness center and it was such a hassle to drive to campus to use the UCF gym. So I let myself slip and gain weight and I was miserable, I felt like garbage because I was eating garbage and drinking often. I made excuses and continued to be miserable for a couple of weeks, but one day I decided I was done. I laced up my shoes and went for a run and even though I coughed and sputtered through the whole thing, I felt better about myself when I got home and that was the real gain. I didn’t let the slip up keep me from getting back on track and that’s all that mattered, I got back on track and put the past behind me.


Me and Danielle at our favorite local hangout, December of 2014 (we don’t take lots of normal pictures together). Notice the beer in front of us, always drinking with this one!

Weight loss is not easy, it takes hard work and dedication to see results and sometimes that means you have to be strict. It doesn’t mean that you have to be hard on yourself for a splurge here and there or a day you just don’t feel like going to the gym. Another important virtue that my weight loss journey has taught me is patience. Results take time and you have to be patient with your body as it adjusts to the changes you’re making. So when you slip up and gain weight when you’re trying to lose, you have to be patient to get back to where you were. Persistence is crucial you can’t give up just because you slip up. Get back on the horse and saddle up for success!


In the words of Tina Belcher, “I’m no hero, I put my bra on one boob at a time like everyone else”


2 thoughts on “Don’t Let The Slip Ups Keep You Down”

  1. I got behind in my blog reading! You focus on big reasons people end up not being successful. “Going on a diet” is not a good plan. Changing your lifestyle to be healthy forever is where it is at!! But like you said change takes time and peristance. Focusing on habits- breaking unhealthy habits and maki healthy habits is a big key to making changes for life. Well done !

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