Time Makes You Bolder, Children Get Older

Yes, I did just quote Landslide in my blog title and I have no shame in that. It’s an amazing song! Staying on track, earlier this week, I celebrated my 25th birthday so I want to take this week’s post to reflect on my journey and how far I’ve come in the last year. As many of you know I started my weight loss journey on June 9, 2015 so I’ve been working on myself for a little over a year now. In the past, I’ve never stuck with my fitness plans for anywhere close to this long so that in and of itself is a pretty big accomplishment. But more importantly, in the last 13 months I’ve managed to lose 86 pounds and I’m less than 1% away from having a normal BMI for the first time maybe ever in my life. I weigh less than I have in over a decade and I’m happier with my health and body than I ever have been in my entire life.


To celebrate my 25th birthday, I went on a nice 25 minute run. 

Every year as we get older we tend to take some time and dwell on the last year and see if we’re in any better of a place than we were a year before. Or I could be the only person who does that, I don’t know but it’s definitely something I do on each birthday. This year I am incredibly proud of myself and the woman I have become in the last year. I’m the same quirky nerd I’ve always been on the inside, but I’m also a healthier and happier woman on the outside. I can finally look at myself and see the person in the mirror I’ve always known was inside of me somewhere. I’m in a really good place and that’s something I’m not really accustomed to after the less than ideal hand I’ve been dealt over the years. I’m not saying that I’ve had a bad life, don’t get me wrong, I’m just saying that I’ve had some hard times and it feels really good to finally be in a good place where I’m happy with my life.


I’ll be honest, Chris is a big part of my happiness. He makes me want to be the best version of myself and he makes me just plain happy. 

It has taken a lot of hard work in the last year to reach the point I’m at currently, but at the same time it hasn’t been nearly as hard as you would expect. I’ve found that once you get into a routine and groove with your new healthy lifestyle, it’s easy to stick to. My routine includes lifting at the gym three days, running at least 2 days (sometimes 3), and staying under my calorie goal every day. Or at least every day where it’s possible, because sometimes you’re allowed to cheat! The only real secret to what I’ve done is commitment and determination, anyone else would be able to achieve the same success I have if they work at it enough. It gives me an incredible sense of pride that my success has inspired others to start on their own personal fitness/weight loss journeys. My brother has been using MyFitnessPal to track his calories and has seen some great success in the last 2 months with losing weight, and I couldn’t be more proud of him for taking this step toward a healthier lifestyle.


So proud of my brother for starting on his weight loss journey, also we often take pictures making terrible faces like this. 

While I’m here, just starting my 25th year of life and ripe for a quarter-life crisis it feels right to outline the things that I want to accomplish in this year. I would like to finally make it to a normal BMI (I mean I’m so close), complete my first half marathon in January, and reach a point where I am 100% happy with my body. I’m definitely content where I am currently, but I strive to keep going and reach the place where I’m as close to my ideal mental image as I can be. I am pretty proud of how far I’ve come in the last year but I hope this year I can finally achieve my new goals!


7 thoughts on “Time Makes You Bolder, Children Get Older”

  1. Nice reflection/ and I don’t think you are alone in taking time to look at where you have been and where you want to go. You have great goals for next year and I know when you get to your 26th birthday you will be proud of what you accomplish this year!!!

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