Give A Little Bit

I’ve always been a big supporter of Goodwill and frequently shop there, I probably go at least once a week to peruse. I’ve made so many crazy purchases from there, my favorite recent one was getting Williams-Sonoma Star Wars cookie cutters for $3! They’re normally over $20 and they were in the box. But I’m getting distracted, my point is that I enjoy frequenting Goodwill and always tried to donate stuff to them at least once a year or so. In the ultimate irony, weeks before I started my epic weight loss journey I donated a massive amount of old clothes to them. I had finally given in and decided that there was no point in keeping all my “skinny clothes” because I had been overweight for years and they were obviously never going to fit me again. Of course within 6 months, they all would have fit me again and I had some serious regret.

2016-05-24 13.34.27

I mean seriously, how awesome are these cookie cutters?

 That’s ok though, because I’ve had the opportunity to shop for clothes at Goodwill frequently for the last year, and its better this way because I’m supporting the community instead of just wearing old clothes of my own. Goodwill has been a great resource for me to get cheap clothes to wear in this time between my heavier state and my finished product (which will hopefully be in a few months). Goodwill has given me some of my favorite jeans I’ve ever bought and at the low-low price of $7, what more can a girl ask for?

2016-01-06 13.40.55

The magical $7 jeans, I was so excited to be down to a size 14!

Getting back to my point though, something wonderful about losing weight (at least for me) is purging my closet of all the old clothes that no longer fit and making donations to Goodwill. People have harped on me throughout my journey that you have to get rid of the “fat clothes” that way you have no excuse to gain weight again because you won’t have clothes that fit. While I’m sure that’s good motivation for some, I have no intention of gaining back all of the weight so I hadn’t even considered keeping my clothes.

About every 2 months from November on I have done a closet purge and pulled out at least 1 trash bag full of old clothes. Today I made the most recent purge, and I’ve officially cleared my wardrobe of every pair of pants I owned, because none of them fit anymore. Luckily living in Florida means I probably won’t need to wear pants for another several months. This time I totaled up 2 large boxes of clothes and a reusable shopping bag with other stuff. The plus side to donating clothes to Goodwill so frequently has also been that I get rid of other stuff I no longer need as well. I was always one of those people who would hang on to things because it never seemed worthwhile to take a grocery bag of stuff to Goodwill, as it didn’t feel like enough. Now when I make the big clothes donations I toss in DVDs I haven’t watched in years, books I will never reread, and various toys or trinkets I’ve hung on to for no reason.

2016-08-04 11.14.21

Just one of many Goodwill donation piles over the last 14 months

I’ve become a much less material person than I used to be; my wardrobe takes up half the amount of space that it used to, I’ve given away half of my books, I don’t spend money as carelessly as I did in the years prior. It took me a while to realize that my weight loss journey has not only had a positive effect on my health, but also has led me to make big changes in my life for the better. I guess really the point I’m trying to make is that losing weight has gifted me with the ability to let go of things.  It started with making healthy changes and that spread to other aspects of my life. I stopped going out to eat as often, because it’s hard to stick to low-calorie stuff at some places and that led to me saving money. I started thinking of things I was going to purchase in terms of how many groceries I could buy with it instead and most of the time I decided that fresh produce was better for me than another new t-shirt that wouldn’t even fit me in a few months.

While I’m not trying to talk anyone into doing anything they don’t want to, this is my bit of encouragement/nagging that if you’ve been thinking about trying to lose weight just start doing it. The baby steps I took to get healthier led to so many positive changes in my life and I have no intention of letting things go back to the way they were before. Best of luck to all of those starting their journey and those already in the process! I would love to hear from anyone about their journeys or the good things tht have come from losing weight or getting healthy.


2 thoughts on “Give A Little Bit”

  1. When I decided to “get healthy” I also decided to stop saying ” I didn’t have time to do X”. Truly I have time to do anything I want-it is a matter of prioritizing. So I started saying “I haven’t prioritized that” instead of “I didn’t have time”. It gave me ownership of the issue instead of blaming it on “time”. I started doing things in the moment or dedicating time to my to do list to free myself of “burdens”. Even the smallest thing can become “overwhelming” if you put it off. Soooo not exactly what you wrote about but in the same vein- and it has made me a happier person!


    1. That is a great way to look at it, as simply prioritizing instead of not making time. I’ve always been a fan of to-do lists but now I’m definitely more motivated to get them completely finished and quit putting things off!


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