Happy Hallo-Weight-Loss!

Well folks, All Hallows Eve is nearly upon us and it’s certainly one of my favorite holidays (if not my actual favorite). This week I would like to take the time to talk about Halloween and share with you some of my favorite memories. I would also like to talk about how much I’m looking forward to celebrating this year, and the costume I’ve been dying to wear for years is finally one I feel comfortable in after my weight loss. Which is not to say that plus size women can’t wear any costume they want to, but more just about my personal preference and feelings about my body.

Growing up, Halloween was always a big deal in my house. My dad would take my brother and me trick or treating and my mom would stay behind and give out candy while the soundtrack to The Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween, or The Exorcist played. Our house was always very well decorated and I couldn’t wait to pick out a new costume each year. My mom loved horror movies and generally all things spooky, and every year on October 31st she would watch John Carpenter’s classic Halloween. As a kid, I of course didn’t partake but once I got older I would join her every year. Once I went off to college we would both watch at the same time and text each other things like how dumb Laurie was being. It was a tradition that we loved and I carry on each year even without her here.


In case anyone needed proof I’ve always loved making faces in pictures. Halloween 1993 as Mickey Mouse. 

As I grew older, I found that I never really grew out of my love of Halloween unlike so many of my peers did. I would often start planning out possible costumes as early as August, and slowly assembling what I thought would be perfect. As some of you may know, I’m a big fan of comic books and often times I like to come up with fun costumes from that. A few years ago, when I was “ballin’ on a budget” I made myself a “poor man’s Thor” costume for a party. This entailed hot gluing CDs to the front of a black shirt, dark leggings, boots, wearing my curtain as a cape, and the Thor helmet my mom bought for me. It was hilarious and I had a great time wearing it. The next year I decided to step up my comic book costume game and made myself a Black Canary costume, complete with platinum blonde wig and fishnet tights. I’ve always been a confident girl, but being comfortable enough with my body to wear that costume was a bit of a stretch for me. Looking back, it’s one of my favorites and it was a great costume, but with how I look now I would’ve been much more comfortable with a comic accurate costume.


My “Poor Man’s Thor” costume, was a big hit in 2013. 

After you hit college, Halloween doesn’t hold the same meaning for women as it did to me when growing up. Every year I would see these “sassy” versions of great characters being made into short skirts and low-cut tops for girls to wear. Not only were most of the women’s costume offerings of the more revealing variety, they often didn’t sell them in a size I could wear. When I was at my heaviest and wearing a size 22, I can guarantee that I wouldn’t have been able to find a costume at Spirit Halloween or Party City that would fit me. Rarely did you see a creative store-bought costume that had coverage if you didn’t feel like flaunting your assets for a Halloween Party, which is why I started making my own. I didn’t want to be “sassy Captain America”, I just wanted a women’s Captain America costume I could wear that wasn’t a short skirt. I have no judgement for those women who like to wear these costumes, it just wasn’t something I was comfortable with at my size.


When I couldn’t find a costume I liked, I made my own Black Canary costume for 2014. 

This year, after losing 96 pounds, I’m finally ready to wear the costume I’ve been dying to wear but too anxious to try for most of my life. This year, I’m dressing up as Wonder Woman and I could not possibly be any more excited. I’ve always felt like I have the spirit of an Amazonian warrior (and the height to match), so Wonder Woman has been a big inspiration to me since childhood. After my weight loss and fitness achievements of the last 16 months, I think my body is finally in Wonder Woman shape to pull off one of her many iconic looks. I have some last-minute tinkering and crafting to do before the weekend, but I hope to do one of my favorite characters justice this Halloween. And of course to show off my rockin’ new body.


I may not have Adrianne Palicki’s body, but hopefully my Wonder Woman costume will do the character justice. 


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