Let’s Go To The Mall!

I wish I had the enthusiasm of Robin Sparkles when it comes to shopping, but alas I remain Sparkle-less. I’m giving everyone a fair warning here, it’s very likely that this is going to end up being a bit rant-y by the time this entry is all said and done. But I feel like my readers have learned to put up with my humorous view on life and will take the good with the bad. At least I hope so. After 18 months of hard work, I’m currently one pound away from my goal weight, though at this point it doesn’t even excite me much because it feels like a given. When you’ve lost 99 pounds, 100 doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still immensely proud of my accomplishments but it’s no longer the largest focus in my fitness journey.


What I wouldn’t give for that 90’s Canadian savoir faire.  

Now that I’m finally at the end of this weight loss journey (or at least as far as I wanted to get), it’s time that I finally bite the bullet and rebuild my wardrobe. For many women I’m sure this would be a very exciting opportunity, but for me it’s more of a nightmare scenario. For those of you who don’t know me well, I’m a very casual/boring dresser. My daily outfit pretty much always consists of jeans or shorts, some semblance of a pop culture t shirt, and flip flops or converse sneakers. I’m not what one would call a snappy dresser, I like to wear clothes that are comfortable and allow me some form of self-expression. Over the last several weeks I’ve been taking a few hours here and there to attempt to shop for some new clothes, however most of these errands have been rather fruitless. So I’ll just go ahead and lay out for you the things I’ve discovered about shopping after losing a pretty significant amount of weight.

Being an “average” size makes it hard to find clothes. This one was rather unexpected, because I recall so many issues with trying to find clothes when I was a size 22 and I assumed being a size 8 would make my life easier. The fact of the matter is, being a size 6/8 (medium) means that I’m now fighting for clothes with all of the other “average” sized women of the world and that means there’s less available. At size 22 I would have to try several stores to find a dress for a friend’s wedding that even fit, let alone be something I actually wanted to wear. Now there’s definitely more variety available to me, but there’s also less of a chance that they’ll have the dress I like in my size. #TheStruggleIsReal


This is my “impressed that I fit into a size 6” face. 

I have no idea what style clothes look good on my new body. For most of my life, I’ve known that darker colors work better for me to hide the problem areas. My mom taught me to look for dresses with A-line silhouettes and a cinched waist to accentuate my curves. Now that I’m “thin” I have no idea what looks good on me, I’m super indecisive and it’s just compounded with my total lack of fashion knowledge. I’ve been trying on an extensive assortment of tops, dresses, pants, etc. trying to see what looks good and it all seems so strange to me. The clothes look good, but none of them feel quite right. Though that’s probably because I need someone else to tell me that I’m not delusional and something looks good on me.


I don’t really know when this whole sleeve cutout trend started, but I tried this on specifically because it looked like something Elektra would wear. 

Despite being thin, I still gravitate towards baggy clothes. It seems that even though I know I can now wear tighter clothes and they won’t make me look like a sausage about to burst out of its casing, I’m so used to being in baggy clothes that it’s the only thing I feel comfortable in. As I’ve mentioned, I pretty much live in t shirts and even though most of the time now I can fit into a men’s small or women’s medium I find myself still buying a size up. I’m hoping that with time I’ll get used to wearing clothes that fit and will be more confident in purchasing them for myself. That being said, I don’t think I will ever give up my penchant for wearing flannel shirts over my t shirts in the “winter” of Florida. 2 years ago in Target I saw a mannequin with a flannel shirt over a Thor t shirt and jeans and felt vindicated that it was stylish if it was on a mannequin. Or at least that’s what I told Ariel and was my defense for the look.

My procrastination skills extend to rebuilding my wardrobe. I am a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to most things in life (i.e. being 25 and still trying to finish my bachelor’s degree). This is even more of an issue for me when it comes to clothes shopping. Over the course of my weight loss journey, I would wait until my previous pair of shorts/pants was hanging off of my waist and wearing a belt no longer even helped before I would buy a new pair. I also tend to rarely have more than 2 pair of shorts/pants at a time especially while I was in the middle of losing weight. If you need any more evidence of this, you’ll just have to look in my fitness clothes drawer which is still more than half full of L/XL shorts that I have to tie the drawstrings on so they don’t fall off at the gym. As long as I have the bear minimum to get me through the week between laundry loads I won’t buy new clothes. Though that may be a combination of procrastination and my stubbornness in all honesty.


Before I wrap things up, here’s another progress pic. 99 pounds of difference and 2.5 years between these photos. 

Well I usually feel like I’m able to wrap up my blog entries into this nice neat little bow, but considering how this one ended up as I suspected becoming a rant I don’t really know how to end it. So I suppose when in doubt, use a Bob’s Burgers gif to wrap things up and how Gene is in this one accurately captures how I feel about my new style. Indecisive but committed.



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